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Straight cut, V-cut or Punch

What is the best type of cut?

We often get asked the question, “What is the best cut for this cigar.” The answer you get from each one of us is going to be different. The real answer is whatever you like. It’s your cigar and we will cut it however you want. There are a few advantages and disadvantages to certain types of cuts and we are going to cover that in this article.

Punch Cut

The first type of cut we will discuss is the punch cut. The biggest advantage is how small and portable this cutter is. The down side of that is how easy it is to lose. If you are prone to losing small objects, you can always buy a lighter with a punch on the bottom of it and knock out two birds with one stone. The most noticeable difference when smoking a cigar that has been punched is that it will have a tighter and more central draw, which will cause the cigar to burn a bit slower. The myth we hear all the time is that the cigar will burn straighter because you are drawing from the center, or the cigar is stronger when punched because all the smoke comes to the center. This is not true and has no reflection on the burn or strength of the cigar. Another advantage is that you get less loose tobacco in your mouth when smoking because the cap stays in tact. The biggest disadvantage to me is the potential for cracking your cigar when punching it. Some cigars are just not made to punch and will often crack when you cut them. If you want to use a punch cutter make sure it is sharp. Once your punch starts cracking cigars it is time to replace it. If you have a punch with a lifetime warranty then you can usually get it replaced for free.


This has become one of the most popular cuts in the shop over the last year or two. It cuts cigars deeper than the other 2 options and is the middle of the road draw as far as smoke goes. The drawback to this is that because it cuts so deep it is the most intrusive style of cut and has the highest chance of cracking a cigar. It can help remove a blockage in the cigar if it is near the cap and the cutter goes past the knot. There are v cutters that have different depths so you can find the one that suits you the best.

Straight Cut

Finally we are going to talk about the straight cut. This is your most common type of cut and provides the most open draw. The thing you have to remember with a straight cut is that you do not cut to deep. For most cigars you only need to cut less than ⅛”. They have come out with new versions that have a guide on the back so you cannot cut too deep, but they are not made for every cigar. There is no reason to cut an inch off the cigar. You are not only wasting an inch of cigar but when you cut past the cap of the cigar the tobacco can unravel on you. The drawback to this style of cut is that you might get little bits of tobacco on your tongue or in your teeth and no one likes that.

The thing I want you to take away from all of this information is this: the type of cut that’s best for your cigar is the one you like. You are the one that has to smoke it. Cut it the way you prefer and make sure your cutter is sharp. Stay smoky my friends.


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